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Friday, July 15, 2011


This is my 1964 Chevy Pick Up Truck
People have been asking what color I'm painting it. And I'm not but

I hade a couple of days off for the 4th of July week I did a few things around the house that only lasted a day or two so then I got boerd and thats when I start thinking crazy stuff like how nice it would look if I had a few flames on my pick up but all the taping and masking thats to much trouble if only they made a stencil. AH HA thats when it hit me. So I went into the shop/garage got a 12x14 peice of card board a fine point marker and a razor blade and of course a black prime rattle can (can of spray paint) so I take the marker draw a nice looking flame centered on the card board then take a new single edge razor blade trace and cut out the flame and start spraying and fliping the stencil as I went along and a little while later the whole dam truck is flamed out so I wait a day wash and rub the whole truck down with a green scotch brite pad so it looks like is been that way for a while I'll take it out to the local friday night car get together and see peoples looks some wont be good im sure. The good thing is a light sanding with some 400 and it will come rite off
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